1. Attend an A. R. Rahman’s concert- as many as possible
  2. Perform a fully orchestrated dance, preferably contemporary
  3. Play a beautiful piece on violin


(well, this gets edited for sure)


How ‘routine people’ cope with change?

Ever felt like going back to those points in your life which are not significant yet they provided you with stability and consistency in a routine?

Does that indicate that one is a ‘routine person’ and not the ever ready person who likes and welcomes changes in life rapidly? Well, corporations look for people who are adaptive to changes that may creep in the system and not the one who want to stick to a routine, coming across as a difficult barrier to cross. 

So does that mean that people like me cannot be tolerated? LOL 😅 There’s one single thing that we do which clears us off those inflexibility charges- trying to find a routine in those short term consistencies. Which other choices are we left with, anyway ? 😁

To be this or that?

Have you ever contemplated two opposite careers? I have always wanted to do something so that my work could positively affect as many people as possible, so much so that I considered activism as a career. Or any social work. 

But as I grow older with each day, I realise the importance of being financially independent and thrifty (thanks, mom 😅). It begs my attention to a decently earning job which I considered to be a trap that wouldn’t let me think about the *socially conscious* job. 

I feel the conflict of interest now, unable to decide on one thing. Clarity eludes me, as always 😞

Something that’s not possible in reality

*Inspired by my last night’s dream*

I voice out my opion.
People are flabbergasted.
They cheer me up and sing praises.
I see that it’s a long day.
I look around to find something.
Something that can give me solace.
I see you and a glee on your face.
We hug each other.
The warmth in it, the solace I find
and my instinct that you feel the same
don’t let us part any time soon.
A feeling which you can experience
only in a dream like this.
I wake up from my slumber
only to realize that you are gone
and that I can never feel this
in reality, ever!
Oh! How I wish this
dream never came to an end!
And if only I could buy more time
to savour the moment and feel the bliss…



The night that wasn’t meant to be

So, I think I now understand how foolish I can get and make people around me suffer for my foolishness. Not one, not two, not three- a  total of four incidents, all in a night, showed how foolish I could get within a short span.

So, my first resolution the year- Stop being a fool, any time!

Realized another thing: If something bothers you, and if the person associated with it is reachable, please reach out to that person and tell them what bothers you! Relieves you, at least 🙂

Happy New Year

The Age-Old New-Year Resolutions ;)

Title: Age-old

Concept: Age-old

My thoughts: Not-so-age-old 😉

Got only a minute to update the post. Here it is:

  1. Get better by March/April
  2. Start swimming
  3. Run Marathon
  4. Dare to dream beyond the confines of my reality-fearing brain
  5. Optimize the usage of technology (read internet)

This feels good. Cya 🙂

By the Time I Turn 23

Well, there are many things that I always wanted to be when I grew up. But when exactly did we all grow up? Ummm, no idea. I could say that the past 5+ years of my life have been more of a sermon-taking than action-seeking. I have decided to make change to that pattern. And what else can be a defining time than to clock it up by my birthday? 😉 So, I know that taking large strides is somewhat intimidating. So here I go with my list of changes that I seek within me by my birthday or before the turn of this year, at least 😛

  1. Be the doer – I was successful in influencing people to action but rarely myself. I want to change it.
  2. Make myself proud – Err, what am I supposedly meaning by this? Meaning, no action/achievement of mine so far has ever evoked a sense of pride in me. Never. So maybe it’s time for me to achieve something bigger to be able to be proud of myself? Well, let’s see 🙂
  3. Define success and achieve it – For now, it surely means working on my to-do list without fail, clearing one by one off the board and adding new entries.
  4. Following what I promised to myself – Those writings of mine on my wall don’t seem to motivate me to the least, nor move me; it doesn’t even seem like my writing. I should own it all!

So, here’s to another beginning of a motivated moment waiting for its fate to be painted by me ^_^