Ummm, I don’t remember the last time when I felt so restless (read, jobless) *sigh* So, how do people kill time when there is every chance for them to utilise it to the best of the purposes? Probably, I should start reflecting about it. In the past couple of days, it became a daily routine where I used to wake up by 6, check my whatsapp/ FB messgaes (I know, that’s the worst way to start your day) and then head to do some Math till I fall, flat on my face, asleep only to be shaken up by my mom, saying that I am running late to my college *meh* And not to forget my 10 minutes workout, despite the clock ticking faster! 😀


Hogaya, I attempted the test, fared badly. I didn’t let it affect my spirit, sparing at times. But it didn’t take a toll on me! But strangely, it seems as if I have lost all the inspiration to work on the further projects. Appalling. I have been clueless on the kind of inspiration needed. I, myself, am unable to diagnose the problem, let alone treat it -_- And very shockingly, I have been doing something least significant all these days. I am unable to return to my old-self; trying to bury myself in the past which at least made me happy before turning nostalgic! But even that seems not to help 😦


So, I decided to start off things, like in those times. Reading the Millennium series was one amongst it. Gotta kick off the bad habits before it’s too late. And very importantly, going back to learning basics and following up my blog! Oh, how much I miss writing here, on this space. It seems as if I am talking to a long-lost friend who knows everything about me! I really hope that whenever I am bored, I should be self-motivating enough to bury my face into a book or into this space, writing something- relieving me!


P.S.: I didn’t have a clear intention of writing this post. But as I started structuring my thoughts, they seemed to flow flawlessly, like an ever-moving river! This is why, writing helps me to improvise myself, all the times! 


P.P.S.: I love wordpress ^_^

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  1. Mazhar · June 21, 2014

    Seems you don’t have a definite goal. Even if you have, you don’t seem to believe in it. That’s why.
    Anyway, keep writing. It surely does good. 🙂

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