By the Time I Turn 23

Well, there are many things that I always wanted to be when I grew up. But when exactly did we all grow up? Ummm, no idea. I could say that the past 5+ years of my life have been more of a sermon-taking than action-seeking. I have decided to make change to that pattern. And what else can be a defining time than to clock it up by my birthday? 😉 So, I know that taking large strides is somewhat intimidating. So here I go with my list of changes that I seek within me by my birthday or before the turn of this year, at least 😛

  1. Be the doer – I was successful in influencing people to action but rarely myself. I want to change it.
  2. Make myself proud – Err, what am I supposedly meaning by this? Meaning, no action/achievement of mine so far has ever evoked a sense of pride in me. Never. So maybe it’s time for me to achieve something bigger to be able to be proud of myself? Well, let’s see 🙂
  3. Define success and achieve it – For now, it surely means working on my to-do list without fail, clearing one by one off the board and adding new entries.
  4. Following what I promised to myself – Those writings of mine on my wall don’t seem to motivate me to the least, nor move me; it doesn’t even seem like my writing. I should own it all!

So, here’s to another beginning of a motivated moment waiting for its fate to be painted by me ^_^


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