Something that’s not possible in reality

*Inspired by my last night’s dream*

I voice out my opion.
People are flabbergasted.
They cheer me up and sing praises.
I see that it’s a long day.
I look around to find something.
Something that can give me solace.
I see you and a glee on your face.
We hug each other.
The warmth in it, the solace I find
and my instinct that you feel the same
don’t let us part any time soon.
A feeling which you can experience
only in a dream like this.
I wake up from my slumber
only to realize that you are gone
and that I can never feel this
in reality, ever!
Oh! How I wish this
dream never came to an end!
And if only I could buy more time
to savour the moment and feel the bliss…




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