The Age-Old New-Year Resolutions ;)

Title: Age-old

Concept: Age-old

My thoughts: Not-so-age-old 😉

Got only a minute to update the post. Here it is:

  1. Get better by March/April
  2. Start swimming
  3. Run Marathon
  4. Dare to dream beyond the confines of my reality-fearing brain
  5. Optimize the usage of technology (read internet)

This feels good. Cya 🙂


By the Time I Turn 23

Well, there are many things that I always wanted to be when I grew up. But when exactly did we all grow up? Ummm, no idea. I could say that the past 5+ years of my life have been more of a sermon-taking than action-seeking. I have decided to make change to that pattern. And what else can be a defining time than to clock it up by my birthday? 😉 So, I know that taking large strides is somewhat intimidating. So here I go with my list of changes that I seek within me by my birthday or before the turn of this year, at least 😛

  1. Be the doer – I was successful in influencing people to action but rarely myself. I want to change it.
  2. Make myself proud – Err, what am I supposedly meaning by this? Meaning, no action/achievement of mine so far has ever evoked a sense of pride in me. Never. So maybe it’s time for me to achieve something bigger to be able to be proud of myself? Well, let’s see 🙂
  3. Define success and achieve it – For now, it surely means working on my to-do list without fail, clearing one by one off the board and adding new entries.
  4. Following what I promised to myself – Those writings of mine on my wall don’t seem to motivate me to the least, nor move me; it doesn’t even seem like my writing. I should own it all!

So, here’s to another beginning of a motivated moment waiting for its fate to be painted by me ^_^

Living in the moment: What is it to me?

I read, hear people advising others to live ‘in’ the moment. Well, I never took those words seriously. But a random post made me think what it meant to live in the moment, at least in my case. It wasn’t a great article. Maybe the timing was right for me to ponder over this question now that the season of competitive exams and interviews are over.

So, what does it mean to live in the moment?

For me, those times when I am happy performing a task are the moments when I live then! Like, when I dance or sing my heart out while my favourite song goes on, or while having a good meal! 😀 For now, I remember only these moments. Reading books is definitely one of the best times but then when you read a good book, you hardly live in the moment! You imagine the story-line, involve in the story, oblivious to the surroundings! 😉

But how important is it to live in the moment? It saves our time which we would have spent pondering over our unchangeable past and the unpredictable future. I don’t want to sound rhetoric but isn’t it true that those moments when you live in the present imply that you are happy? So, when you hardly care about living in the moment, does that mean that you hardly care about making yourself happy? No, right?

So next time when someone asks you to live in the moment, tell them that you need not pinpoint a few instances where you lived in the moments. Show them that anything which makes you happy will make you live in the moment. 🙂

This wait…

So, within 1-48 hours of period, my XLRI results are going to be out. And how am I reacting? No idea! What is my usual reaction to such situations? First and foremost, the date is not definitive. Hence, having no prior experience of facing such indefinite waits, I have no clue how I would react 😛 Secondly, it’s a mixed bag of emotions. Suddenly, Rhonda Byrne, Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma remind me of positive thinking 😀 And the usual ‘me’ starts thinking way too realistically to hope for anything good.

So basically, I am just feeling numb. It’s not that I have deprived myself of emotions. I watched romcoms, cried till I sleep; met buddies, ate heartily, felt happy; confronted a few issues, trying to sort them out, etc. But somewhere in my daily happenings, when faced with performing a task, I’d end up thinking- “if I will do this in case I get in, should I join a gym or dance class, should I practise quant again, what if I get in” and likes.

Sounds too analytic? Can’t help it 😐

I’ve been planning to write 3 stories. 2 form the prologues and the final one connecting those both. I though of doing this a month ago. Seems like I lost every seriousness in this world. Stopped reading novels, reading useful stuff, eating without much thinking, spending time on unproductive issues.

But at times I wonder if life is all about doing something productive. Yes, I agree that whatever I do today can affect my tomorrow. But how ideally can one live? Like how does one spend their entire life-time spending time productively? I’d rather watch a rainfall through my window than do a problem from P&C, especially when I am not very sure if the latter is going to help me in my future (remember that I am awaiting the results 😉 ). It gives me immense happiness to watch rainfall. Or just sipping a cold-coffee on a cloudy, breezy day than concerning myself with Iran nuclear agreement or whatsoever. Or watch a romcom, cry my heart out than watching a serious documentary on US-Iraq War.

But there’s a catch here. If I keep doing the aforementioned things, then duh, I will definitely get bored. So how well or fine-balanced should one’s life be when it comes to the trivial and serious issues? Well, I haven’t figured it out yet. I hope things just fall into a place.

P.S. All for the wait of XL results 😀

P.P.S: All these wouldn’t have happened had I not thought about you seriously. XL meri jaan! ❤ :-* 😉

Is Being Abnormal Really Abnormal?

To this point, I feel we have been brought up amidst a bunch of lies. We are told that being different is not an asset but indeed a liability. This refers to many cases: Abnormality in the way one looks, one behaves, one thinks, ones choice of living, etc. Thankfully, a few of us now consider those who do not do the normal thinking as ‘out-of-box’ thinking. Saying so, we are surprisingly still expected to do something outside the routine, stand out from the crowd while simultaneously toeing the lines of stereotypes.

Imagine a situation where we see physically disabled persons. The first thing which grabs our attention is the disability. We soon forget that apart from that, these people are just like us; they have friends, families, hang out with them, love ice creams, pets and every other single thing. We either sympathize with their condition or cringe our noses depending on how less unpleasing their disability is to our eyes. And this is totally uncool, isn’t it?

A person who wants to give up his professional career to attend his calling is called by several names: weirdo, ‘that-out-of-mind’ guy, poor fella, monk, fakir (depending on what his calling is). Remember ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’? So why is such a fuss being made about doing unconventional things? Because your current job can pay your bills, you can get insured, can attract a suitable groom/bride? That your calling does none of the above, huh? Remember what everyone wish when they are on their death-beds- that they should have listened to their conscience, risked, and not cared what people around them had thought about their actions!

And yes, breaking the gender stereotypes is my favourite, ‘in-you-face’ (no pun intended), kind of abnormality (pun intended). I appreciate it when a girl rides a bike, anything from a Scooty to a Bullet, and better when a guy pillion rides! It’s like a double shot of breaking stereotypes. After all, we all are hardwired to think that macho guys ride Bullets and their girls go gaga over this! Unfortunately, there are only a few girls in our society who can bravely stride steps along with boys, their heads held high, not feeling scared or embarrassed of being judged as ‘loose’ girls for walking with guys; of all those strange, nasty and menacing looks they get. Trust me, more people are only curious to see who the girl is. In case if she is one of his/her acquaintances, that’s enough to spread a wild fire of rumours in the neighbourhood and consequently, fear in her.

Having a squint, being an albino, following a guru, becoming a nun, working for  the needy despite coming from a ‘high-class’, having good education and job, a girl and a boy being best friends maintaining a platonic relationship, getting tattoos or piercing rings, accepting and supporting the LGBT community (As if doing so will make us one amongst them. Even then that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?). I can go on and on about the perceived abnormalities according to our society. It never ceases to astonish and appal us simultaneously. But why are we taught to play it safe? Why are we asked to stick to the norms and stereotypes? Does doing so will make us an anti-social element? Think think!

So next time when you see a kid or your younger cousin, or whoever you think you have liberty to tell them good things, perceives something as abnormal and starts getting judgemental do the following: Explain that abnormality is relative and not absolute; that he/she might be perceived abnormal in a vice versa case by the victimized person. Explain how things are not always black and white, that at times grey exists and that’s not bad. But for all these to take place, we should first unlearn and bid goodbye to our old way of thinking and learn, give way to new thoughts. Empathy is such a strong and powerful word. Being empathetic is surely a better way of living that makes our world more beautiful and our lives more essence filled.

Amulya Madem,


Helpless, really?

Just a few minutes ago, an incident happened which, I am not sure how long, is going to have a profound effect on me.

There was a jam in our washroom and a plumber was called in to repair it. He charged some 250/-. My mother was about to ask for such a hike in price when he gave a simple answer- “Typical plumber works are done at low costs but dealing with jams involves something like manual scavenging, at least to some extent. Definitely we ought to be paid more for dealing with this.” It was just a two sentences long answer. No arrogance! But the earnestness on his face gave more stories.

This is what I could hear from his expressions:

“No one will be ready to do such a demeaning task, not even the people who cause the jam ( The jam was primarily due to the soapy wastes, hair and nothing much). We too are human beings and we too possess something called ‘self-respect’. It hurts our ego badly when we take up such works but we still do it- for the sake of our families.” As a matter-of-fact, it was a risky process. While repairing, there is a high probability of getting cuts on hands as the pipes are metallic and he was using a merely plastic clad hand. His own hand!!!

That’s it. I left my breakfast in mid-way. There’s no way I was going to digest that food nor his words and expressions. Apart from that, he said that he would throw away the wastes himself because if he doesn’t say so, he is sure that he will be ordered to take it away- which will be more disrespecting to him. He chose not to do so. He silently was leaving when I offered to throw it away. He meekly refused and said that he would do it himself.

I couldn’t comprehend what was going around. I pitied him. But that’s not going to change his way of living. Just before leaving, he asked if we had any empty diaries. We had a few and give him two. Mom asked if he was particular about years. He said, “No, this is for my children to write down.” I lost it by then. I returned to my room and found myself crying inconsolably.

These were my thoughts- “Of what use is my education? To see so much apathy around me? Can’t I do anything about it? Am I so helpless? This is just a single case and it gets worse with people who have no basic facilities to live with. At least this man got some money for today. ”

The best step I could take- post this on my blog. Good. But what’s next? Probably when I get back from my XL interview, I should really do something about this. Maybe I can talk to him, find out if his children need any help with studies, offer free services, and the list goes on. I hope this feeling doesn’t leave me at all. I hope it fills me with some sort of purpose, something to live for and work for. After all, I am an educated girl with strong values and I am not very helpless, am I?