Andari Bandhuvaya- A feel good movie

Andari Bandhuvaya aka AB is directed by Chandra Siddharth of “Aa Naluguru” fame. The choice of actors and actress was quite impressive with Sarvanand and Padma Priya taking the lead roles. Sarvanand was at his best and Padma Priya is back to Tollywood after a very long time. She was a pretty miser chatter-box who gets influenced by the helping nature of Sarvanand. The movie is how he gets to help all the needy; what does he do when he comes to know about his father; he helps the heroine’s sister to get married to her brother-in-law in USA and ultimately how he encounters the goon who makes him promise to donate his eyes and heart when he is on the death-bed.

In AB, there are many scenes where you feel that some bad should be taking place in the next scene. But the director moulded the movie in such a way that no bad takes place and there is not even a speck of violence in it. A complete clean movie for social-sensitive audience like me. The music is so fresh that I was never bored with any song.Naresh as the care-taker of Sarvanand acted really well. In a particular scene where Sarvanand asks Naresh to leave immediately and later cries, is a damn-touching scene which will definitely move us.

God! This movie came as a saviour of Tollywood when all the movies are following the same love story tracks or the cliche¬† “rayalaseema” factionism humour. A movie with a different touch and a feel-good movie