Central tragedies

I remember making a promise to tell you all why I got rebukes from my mom for going to Central. So I Nitu, faithfully bow to my promise and here I am fulfilling it:

That day with great deal of difficulty me and sis made dad agree to buy clothes in Central and that would mark the first time visit and shopping to Central. Now mamma wanted to come along with us. But as soon as we reached the Central mall, due to 108 rounds effect, she was giddy and so brought her some fruit juice and made her go home. Now that we loved all the stuff there, we were tempted to buy many things, Ts, Tunics, Jeans, Shoes, etc. But we were low on budget.

So we adjusted our pocket money to get 2 tunics each but both of them together costed 1600, i.e., nearly a total of 3500 combined. And guys I am telling you, that was the first time we shopped without mom and so we were super excited about getting things. And in that excitement we forgot that mom would be surely disappointed with our selection since those tunics didn’t deserve to be costed 1600/-. And as expected, the cascade of reprimands began but this time it was from my peddamma too(but very mildly she did that, so didn’t feel bad).

Mamma was like, Nitu you can get a couple of good clothes from our place at the same cost. What’s so attractive in these and what not not in those? I wanted to answer -“Quality and Brand”!!!But didn’t dare so.

Again she continued,”Nitu n Ritu, see I am not going to allow you both to got to those stores again. If you want that good clothes, we will go to Chandrapur(A district head quarter in Maharashtra)”. We too were like,”Hey now that’s O.K. Since we got a chance to go to Central this time, next time we’ll try elsewhere.” But only on an agreement that it would be only twice an year and not any more.n But I do see a point in buying clothes in Chandrapur. Actually that place is hardly 2 hrs to be reached and you get good clothes with reasonable prices.

So this was what happened just in a matter of 3hrs. Hmmm, some 3hrs can change your clothings and brandings, sirji!!!