6 days back to back

Again after a long time, I am blogging. So this time I have got lots of things to share which have happened in my Dussehra vacations.

DAY 1(14-10-10, Thursday): The previous night, travelled all the way from the hell and reached Hyderabad the next day. To my surprise, I was taken to my home directly instead of aheading to my peddamma’s. All my plans were shattered, namely going to a big hi-fi mall and buy new clothes, go to GVK, Cafe Coffee Day, etc. It was like a series of journey to me, first a long 10 hr journey to Hyd, again 5 hrs to the nearest railway station and an hour agin to reach home. So roughly I travelled for 16-17 hrs. But I wasn’t tired. And sadly neither of my parents were at home. So made my own brunch, called up my friends and spent the night watching KBC(Felt sad for missing the opening show) and to my surprise my sis came from her clg.

DAY 2(15-10-10, Friday): Ended up doing nothing

DAY 3(16-10-10, Saturday): Went out on shopping, missed first show tickets for Robo, so had to watch it for second show. Reached home by 1.30 A.M. Mom sulked like hell for making her stay awake till late in the night cuz the next day was Dussehra n BTW Robo was good but the hype made it feel low, I feel.

DAY 4(17-10-10, Sunday): Happy Dussehra!!! After many years, dad spent the whole day in the house and I was glad for that.

DAY 5(18-10-10, Monday): Caught a train at 5.00 A.M., reached Hyd at 11.30 and immediately left for Chilkur Balaji Temple and took only 11 rounds. Mom took 108 rounds and felt giddy later. So dropped her home and we(Chetan, Bob, sis n me) went to Central. Bought clothes and got scoldings from mom(reason in the next blog).

DAY 6(19-10-10, Tuesday): Didi left home. Chetan and I went to Coffee Day without my mom’s knowledge, relished Devil’s Own .

.Started for hell again and landed up the next day, i.e., yesterday.

So here I am done with submitting my report on Nitu’s vacations and will be right back for the next blog…