DPchallenge – Time Travel

So, here is my first post as a part of a weekly challenge. I may be too late but that’s ok, I got some interesting to ponder over. The following is the link to this particular challenge, on the topic of ‘Time Travel’



So, this is how I would like to travel forth in time.

I chose to travel to the future because history as a whole is a lesson to us- I wouldn’t want to change its course. But future is our canvas! We can paint any picture on it, say Russia and USA uniting, world free of terrorism, ethnic clashes, environmental adversaries, and the list is endless.

I want to hop to that part of future, where I see my country, India developed leaps and bounds compared to its present (pathetic) state; a better, broad-minded society- free of psychopaths, pedophiles; its infant mortality rate down to a historic number; and every other goddamn thing changed only to make a better living of individuals.

I even would like to make this journey, a bit personal. After all, who isn’t curious to know what’s in the kitty for us? 😉 

I see- that a part of my life is spent in the city of Mumbai; that I study in one of the best premier institutes of the country/world; establish an organization wherein I have the best team to tackle some of the then-existing evils of society, try my best to help as many people as possible, teach young kids Social Science; pursue my dream of studying a vast range of subjects; strive every minute to live a life that is worthy of living 🙂

And yes, how can I miss out on my private life? 😉 I see that I spend my time with my loved one, who helps in every aspect of work that I take up. I even see that a few things don’t change in my future- my besties and my hang-outs with them; my reading habit; my love for mushroom, coffee and books 😉