Tejaswee Rao

I came across this particular blog where I came to know about a 19 yr old girl called Tejaswee Rao who passed away on 11th of August this year. Indyeah really admired the girl and the way she expressed her thoughts in her blog. Since that was really heartening, I just followed the link and landed up in her blog.

Hers was such a beautifully moderated blog that a teenager could easily agree with her thoughts. Her feel for feminism and chauvinism, sex-abuse and gender inequality are ought to be applauded. Even though she is no friend nor a cousin of mine, I really got connected with her and I was also in sync with her views. She was a typical Delhite who loves Swiss rather than Delhi just because she spent too many days in Delhi and only 2 days in Switzerland and she feels that any place when lived in for a long time will definitely make you feel bored, let it be Switzerland or Delhi. A fact indeed.

When read about the tributes paid by her friends to her, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t know why but as I already said I really got connected to her thoughts. And so I decided to write about her and her blog and here it is.

A particular thing to be mentioned is about her mother IHM who seems equally good and broad-minded blogger these days. I haven’t yet read her blog but surely I am going to accomplish it within a week.

An important reference to be made is about her post on “A letter to the future”. Guys that was really heartening when I went through the post. A girl with such far-sight and who could think of writing to her adopted(a point to be noted) child about her youth , was not at all supposed to be lost. But unfortunately destiny made its way to her death. My voice choked with great sorrow when I read all the possible links about her. Never in my life did I get so emotionally connected to anyone without even writing to her nor speaking let alone see her.

I don’t know how it would be when I lose any of my cousins and mainly anyone of my sister’s age, pass away. The very thought of it fills my mind with terror and fear. But Tejaswee didi, you are going to live in our hearts and memories and in every beautiful thing we see. Let your soul rest in peace.

With deep condolence,