Back to clg n finally I am in 12th std….

Finally finished my 11th std and I was at home for a week that too on leave and not on vacations. These guys are so great that they started teaching us the 12th std portion right from the next day of our end exams….So sad!!!

God! It has taken 11 months for these guys to finish the 11th std portion…..kiski baatein kar rahi hoon(Whom am I talking about)? Arey yaar!!! None other than my disgusting college administration and their so called XXXX university….Forget it….

So finally I am in my 12th std and my excitement levels have reached the peak. Never did I think that my high school days would be filled with this lot of thrill and fear. Thrilled because I am just 1 class below to get into a UG course which is the most awaited moment and fear because I am going to take all the possible entrance exams to just “GET OUT” from this uni. without any vigorous preparation as done by many other contemporary students out there in other colleges. Missing them…….But that’s OK cuz I think I wouldn’t have got adjusted there for 2 long years without any relaxation or entertainment and mainly without proper sleep!!!

I love sleeping and all the time I sleep whenever I am free. That is my fav pastime too….Funny but true!!!

Now I don’t blame myself for getting into this uni. but s’times curse for not getting out when I had the opportunity. That thought reminded me of my days in those corporate college where I had studies for hardly 2 months before getting into this clg. I had a book then called “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale and guys I tell you, it was such an extraordinary book which makes you think nothing but positive. It was with the help of this positive thinking on me getting admitted into this college that really made my days there. It literally saved me from all sorts of pain and sorrow.

So here again I started reading it again with a hope that I would really think very positively of me getting out and getting into some other very good college. Till then js reminding myself “Bhayya All Izz Well!!!”“(All Is Well)