The smile on his face…..

God!!! What a day it is!!! Today I had a smile on my face for an unusual reason. Wanna know the reason? Keep reading then…..

I had a small misunderstanding with my friend today. He wasn’t feeling bad for my talks but was feeling bad for the topic which I spoke to him which is all related to him.

After requesting him like hell, he opened up saying that it wasn’t my fault at all. What the topic was about? Top secret!!!

Now I saw him smile again…..After 4 hrs of tragic like moments, I saw a smile on his face. And that brought a smile on my face too and at that moment that was the most heart-felt smile ever possible for me. I was very much concerned about him than ever cuz he was not even feeling well and we had our practicals to work on. So I was a lot tensed up rather than him I guess.

However I am glad that I have got such a friend/bro who always does the “Ziddi” but consoles me in a better way when I do the ziddi…..This is by far the most precious smile I have ever known. Love you Yash bhayya…..