The moment when time stopped…

It was a bright sunny day. Sahira waited patiently for her friends to arrive. It was the first time that she was going to give her friends a birthday treat. The ones whom she expected were not exactly her friends. She awaited her sweetheart Ajay and his friends, to be more precise. As she sat there and lost in a flood of thoughts, she saw him coming.

There he was, in a blue T-shirt; with 2 days old grown beard – not bad at all! He wasn’t a Greek God. But then, it was he who occupied her thoughts, 24×7. “Happy birthday baby doll!”, he said and his friends chorused him with a birthday song. She was embarrassed and glad at the same time for having him there.

She ordered a Belgian dark chocolate flavored ice cream for herself and the rest gave their orders. The ice creams arrived and everyone were having a hearty meal. But her concentration was on her looks. She was getting more self-conscious with passing time. She wondered if her hair stayed in place; if she started sweating in that air-conditioned room; if she looked pretty enough to be just seen by him.

For a minute, she stopped existing in this world. It was then that she was captured by his looks. She caught him staring at her and shyly looked away from him. The dimple on her cheeks right away gave the emotions on her face. She was contentedly in bliss. She excused herself and left for the rest room. She could see the blush on her face and gave a quick touch up. She was back now, with more confidence in her eyes and walk.

They spoke about the happenings; their careers; plans; an upcoming love story. Time passed in a jiffy. She was brought back into time when the reminder in her phone started ringing. It was the time she was supposed to leave and start for home. A sudden depression hit her. She didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay there, not forever, but at least for some more time.

Unhappily, she said that she should be leaving. Everyone relaxed and started to leave for the exit. She went to the billing counter and paid the bill. Just to make sure that no one forgot anything, she went to the first floor where they had their ice creams. She was surprised when she saw him standing on the stairs behind her. Before she could ask him anything, he held her by hand and gently gave it a pull.

She had no idea of what was to come. The room had no customers and the waiters had just  left the floor. Life takes on us in many unexpected ways and on that instant of time, destiny wanted to gift her a life-time moment. He looked into her little eyes; whispered, “You look so beautiful, I love you baby! Have the best birthday” and gave her the first hug and first kiss.

The world tumbled around her and she lost track of time. She didn’t remember how long she was held in his embrace. He could feel the moisture in her eyes. Tears of joy never felt so good!  The sweetness of the kiss still lingered and the blush on her face accentuated her beauty. This was the time she waited for; this was the situation she wished for. And this was the moment, when time stopped and she wished it to continue forever.