College life in its younger days

Folks I had nearly taken a sabbatical to rediscover myself. I already posted that I am out of IIIT which I hated so much that I created a group called “I Hate APIIIT” in fb. Now I am into one of those which nearly every engineering student dreamed of: Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST). Yes, I am a proud SNISTian now. No more regrets.

I have got a bunch of friends, both old and new, and I am having fun sitting in the last bench. I didn’t know that last bench sitting would be of so much fun. The first I told my mom about this fact, she was terrified literally!!! She just couldn’t believe that I wasn’t sitting in the front rows which I did till my school days. But I managed by saying that there was no proper place in the front rows and that I couldn’t help it. She had to believe cuz this is a fact!!!

Apparently we started sharing food, money, notes and what not! In a film called “Happy Days”, there is this particular dialogue which kept buzzing in my mind till I joined the college and now I have got enough explanation of it. The dialogue went this way:”There is nothing which you should be afraid of learning because college teaches us everything in its own way.” Very true I felt.

And my happiness knew no bounds when the announcement of Arts Club and Vox Populi(a literary club) was done . Finally I thought I had something other than the academics to do.

More college grumbles, rants and surprises in next blog….