My experiences from “The Secret”-2

Wow guys! This is indeed working.

That day when my friend gave me the “Muft Gyaan” about meditation,secret and their power, she asked me to make a wish as soon as I wake up early in the morning. I was not supposed to think anything negative about that and just believe that I was going to get. And I did get it.

I wished to get a response from my long-lost friend and I did receive his mail!!! There I was dumb-struck at the receiving-end unable to believe what I had experienced!!!

So till I get one more experience, this is Nitu signing off….

My experiences from “The Secret”-1

Yes, I am referring to the book “The Secret – Revealed” by Rhonda Byrne. Guys, this book really promises to take us to those heights which we dream. It has got all the enough stuff  to motivate the will and thought power.

In this book you will come across many spiritual/new(s’times weird too) terms like soul,thoughts,frequencies,emission of positive and negative waves,etc. Firstly they seemed to be peculiar but as I went on reading, it blew up my mind with many unknown facts. And to some extent I experienced a few things.

I didn’t read the book to plainly pass my time. I had a reason for that:

We are supposed  to be wearing shoes in our school(Everyone knows that it’s obvious). But that particular day I didn’t because I left in a haste.  So to make up something I thought that I could show some hidden injury even though I didn’t have one in reality. Fortunately no one checked us. “Sochi ki bach gayi yaar”. But on the same afternoon while I was having my lunch, I somehow got a bad  injury to my toe due to my stupid way of sitting on chair!!!

Lo!!! I thought of showing some pseudo injury but how did it turn to reality?

Now that’s a very big question. That’s not a mere co-incidence I believe. So there was a friend of mine who had many books related to spirituality,etc. She is a strong believer of meditation. When I shared this experience with her she asked me to go through this book. And there I was wondering all the night and asking myself: Why didn’t I know this earlier?

Guys I bet that you too would agree with the facts. So welcome the  life as it is and be happy with it. It will surely give you everything you need and I wish this to happen to everyone.

So I’ll write to you  when I again have a weird experience. Till then bye…..