A pause from my studies….

From the time I started studying in the 3rd sem of my 11th std, things proved to be too bad to me. So I thought I could give myself a break from those series of bad things. Hmmm things went well to my surprise. But this stupid migraine didn’t give me the happiness I expected from it. Luckily my lovely I-Pod came to my rescue and migraine ko bhagaaya…..Lolz

So today I started reading 2 States again and had a very good time.Loved the way Chetan wrote. But I didn’t neglect my studies in the due course. After all it is due to these studies that I am going to survive and earn to enjoy.

There’s a saying “Knowledge and Wisdom are not the Same.” I guess there’s a lot of inner meaning in it. But some intellectual may come to my help. I don’t get the thing as a whole!!!!!!!!