Sinners Against Gender Stereotype Continuation

Ystd after finishing my blog, I asked M(who is A in one of my previous posts and thank God shez happy now ) to check out the new post. She reminded me of some other qualities in me which are not that girlish. Here they are:-

11) Hate wearing jewellery. Don’t know how one can bear up with the weight or irritation caused by it.
Note: Doesn’t mean that I don’t wear any. I wear ear rings and that’s it. No extra deck-up 😉

12) Love watches with big straps and dials. Mainly the Fastrack collection…….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

13) Love sandals(boys’ style) and shoes. Hate wearing heels. Anklets and bangles!!!Yuck!!!!

14) Would enjoy a treck camp

15) etc……….. lolz