My love for CCD….

Sometimes, things become your favourite not because you love or like it but due to the brand name or fame it has acquired. Many such things come under my fav list: Fastrack collection, Reebok Collection, Cafe Coffee Day, Apple, etc.

Of all these, my experiences with CCD were the best!!! Now don’t ponder over the fact that I’ve been to CCD only thrice since last April(and that was the first time I had been to CCD , twice being in B’lore and once in Hyd) and how come that be my favourite within such a short span. Don’t know why. Sometimes, I feel, life gives you somethings memorable but rather lately and I consider this to be one of those apart from Yash.

You might even wonder that I had hardly drunk 3 types of coffee there but still praise them like hell. Don’t know why,the coffee there had some magic I guess. I really love the cream on Devil’s Own and the aroma of coffee beans is super awesome.

But it costed me very hugely of Rs.133 (“ONLY”:This they call it). So thought of taking my dad next time to CCD rather than my mom(Not that she is a miser but mothers are always on the saving side when it comes to things except for sarees and all those crazy crap!). So this time if I managed to get good marks in my 12th std I’ll definitely bring my dad on a deal to CCD. As far as an upper middle class family is concerned, parents get too pleased with their children when they study well and will try to get whatever they want only in those days of royalty. So that’s the funda now 😉